Friday, May 31, 2024
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Britney Spears autobiography could be delayed

It’s been over a year since Britney Spears secured a book deal, reported to be worth at least $15 million.

The tell-all is allegedly finished, but if the latest rumors are to be believed, its future may be very uncertain.

“Strongly worded legal letters” have supposedly been sent to the publisher by attorneys for several celebrities who reportedly fear they’re in the book, and because of all the potential lawsuit issues, the autobiography may get pushed back to late this year.

Obviously no one involved is speaking on the record, but if The Sun is to be believed, there are “two Hollywood stars” Britney Spears reportedly claims she had affairs with that are causing issues.

They’ve allegedly reached out, and now, the publisher is supposedly consulting with its own legal team to figure out if there is any potential liability.

This process could take months, which is why the end of the year is now being targeted for a release date.

Spears has been extremely open on social media since the end of her conservatorship.

She has put numerous family members on blast and has been very candid in expressing her feelings about what happened to her and how much resentment lingers.

With a hundred thousand words or so to express herself, there’s every reason to believe she may go in very hard on some people, which could create legal liability.

Provided she didn’t sign any NDAs or management contracts that restrict her ability to speak, she’s, of course, free to share her life story and throw up middle fingers at whoever she wants, but if others feel the allegations are untrue or misleading, they have the right to file a lawsuit.

Reginald Chandar
Reginald Chandar
Head of News & Sports |


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