Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Fiji now needs a visionary leader, says Narube

Unity Fiji Leader, Savenaca Narube firmly believes that Fiji now needs a visionary leader who can move our nation towards peace and prosperity.

Narube in a statement said the recent events that are unfolding in the Coalition Government indicate a serious lack of principles in the national leadership.

“In my view, historical trends show that for far too long, we have tolerated leaders that do not have the best interest of the people at heart.”

“We expect our political leaders to act with integrity, uphold standards and be accountable to the people. They must show us that they have the best interests of the people and the nation at heart.”

“Unity Fiji calls for integrity, accountability and transparency from the Coalition Government as we are concerned the failed Cabinet reshuffle demonstrated the lack of accountability. The Prime Minister blamed everybody else but himself.”

“The unilateral decision by the Prime Minister on the Fukishima nuclear waste disposal demonstrated naivety of the serious impact of the decision on our livelihoods in the Pacific is also concerning.

“The indecisive stance of the Prime Minister on the “Windsorgate233” affair involving two Ministers also demonstrates the lack of decisiveness. It is ridiculous for the Prime Minister to say that he has no role in resolving this affair.”

“Allegations of abuse of offices against senior members of Cabinet are emerging and dominating our local and international mainstream and social media as well.”

“The seriousness of these national issues is damaging the credibility of the Prime Minister and his entire Coalition Government.”

He said Unity Fiji fully understands that these allegations need to be proven and due process must be followed. However, if the allegations are serious and credible, the Prime Minister must remove those implicated to allow a full and free investigation.

“This Coalition Government has revealed its true colours by tending to address the smaller, easier issues rather than the bigger, more difficult issues that will make a huge difference to our future such as the investigation of the previous national elections, transformation of the economy, and the reforms of the Constitution.”

“More and more political cronies are being appointed to decision making positions. I stressed at the Economic Summit that these appointments will dig us a deeper hole.”

“The cost of living continues to rise with no relief in sight and traffic congestion is getting worse with no solution in sight.”

“Overseas travel by the Ministers is alarming and many will agree with me that nothing much has changed. In fact, this Government is repeating the actions of the previous Government that we have been condemning all along.”

“Our hope for a change for the better has been shattered. Fiji is a blessed country. While we may not be rich as we want to be, we can build this country to where the world should be.”

“Fiji should be an oasis of the world. We can restore our hope by bringing everyone together, being inclusive, and leaving no one behind.”

“We need a new leadership that can take us to our promised land,” he added.

Reginald Chandar
Reginald Chandar
Head of News & Sports | news@fijilive.com


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