Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Remember cries of people, parties urged

As Fiji’s four political parties work to form a coalition Government, the Fiji Council of Churches and the Pacific Conference of Churches are urging politicians to remember the cries of the people and the cry of Mother Earth.

FCCC President Archbishop Peter Loy Chung PCC General Secretary Reverend James Bhagwan in a joint statement said the faith communities of Fiji have prayed for the politicians throughout the election process.

“Dear brothers and sisters, it is of deep significance to us that you are making these decisions on the eve of Christmas. May your choices reflect the message of the angels who sang “peace on earth and goodwill towards all people. We continue to hold you in prayers.”

“Yesterday, members of the Fiji Council of Churches and Pacific Conference of Churhces gathered at Nazareth Prayer Centre to pray for you as you work to form a coalition government which will be in the best interest of all Fijians.”

“We invested time in personal prayer, we listened to one another’s reflections, noting the common threads of our prayer, and listened to what the Holy Spirit is saying to us.”

“Like good shepherds we would like to gift you with the fruits of our prayer. We acknowledge the passion, commitment, and sacrifices that each of you has made this far. This is a great act of love for our nation.”

“We understand that forming a coalition Government is a challenging process. We recognise that some of you carry hurt, brokenness, and animosity which make this critical process even more difficult. These wounds are real and deep and need healing.”

“We encourage you to embrace your brokenness, disappointments and vulnerability in order to experience peace of mind and inner freedom that is a gift of God. We urge you to give space to God through prayer.”

“With God’s gift of peace, you can bring much needed healing and reconciliation within your parties, with other parties and throughout our nation,” the leaders stated.


Reginald Chandar
Reginald Chandar
Head of News & Sports |


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