Friday, March 1, 2024
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Govt borrowed $1b in last 13 months: Lal

FijiFirst Member of Parliament, Ketan Lal claims the the Coalition Government has borrowed approximately $1 billion in the last 13 months despite campaigning that when in power it will work towards reducing debt levels.

Lal in a statement said Minister of Finance, Professor Biman Prasad’s claims and asserts that the Coalition Government’s actions speak louder than their words is another hogwash statement of his own.

“While the Minister criticises, he conveniently forgets his own promises during his 8 years in opposition, leaving citizens and most importantly people around him skeptical about his leadership.”

He said the Coalition Government lacks the transparency and correct explanation as to how the money borrowed is being used.

“The people of Fiji deserve to know where these funds are being allocated or spent as there is nothing on the ground.”

“Despite a year in power there is NO improvement, NO creativity, NO innovation and the Minister lacks concrete plans.”

“He continues may be with an opposition mindset. He mentions the word Ludacris in his response to the Acting General Secretary of FijiFirst whichin reality is his true description.”

“It’s essential to remind the Minister of Finance that the completed projects he takes credit for were initiated by FijiFirst.”

“The opening of the new Toga, Naqavoka Bridge, the much-awaited Viria Water Project, the ongoing Queen Elizebath Drive facelift road works, The new Korotari Water project and the Nabubu Village Nature Base Eco Seawall Project to name a few.”

“Whilst he lives in his Disney world, people on the ground await genuine interactions to express their dissatisfaction with rising living costs caused by the Coalition Government’s decisions.”

“This is a reflection of their weak and non – innovative leadership in the past 15 months. The Minister can sing till the cows come home; but the fact that is Fijians are frustrated with his lack of innovation, creativity and are now questioning his credibility as a Minister of Finance in a modern economy.”

Lal further claimed that the Coalition Government’s decisions, including the 15 per cent VAT and inconsistent policies, have frustrated the people, who now question their choice.

“I encourage the Minister of Finance to thank FijiFirst for giving him a better economy. In giving credit where its due he must thank the leadership of FijiFirst the Former PM Bainimarama and the former AG & Minister of Economy Hon. Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum for their decisive leadership in ensuring and making Fiji one of the top 5 best economies in the world post COVID19.”

Reginald Chandar
Reginald Chandar
Head of News & Sports |


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