Friday, June 14, 2024
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Players are misguided, mistreated: Serevi

Every single player that played under Fiji Rugby has either been misguided or mistreated, says Fijiana XVs captain to the World Cup, Asinate Serevi.

In a lengthy social media post, Serevi said the real issue is that no one is ever honest with them.

“We are still owed $600 from World Cup payments. For the Wallaroos test match and Oceania championship, we were told before we left for the test match that while we’re home training at camp that we’d be getting paid $100/day until the day we leave for Oceania than the pay would increase to $300/day until we flew back.”

“Throughout the tour we were continuously told that the $300 was approved and still being processed.”

“So no, we aren’t liars as this is what was clearly being told to us and that’s why the players are upset.”

“We as a team have constantly asked about the payments since the day we left for Australia, followed protocols, followed the channels, Skipper Leweniqila emailed FRU and still did not get response regarding payment and questions regarding tour.”

“Our last resort was social media hoping for a reply back, which we somewhat did get with the statement FRU has issued out.”

“For those saying we don’t deserve to be paid as much as the men – WE DO! even with sponsorship of  $3.1 million sponsorship from Vodafone for “ Fijiana “ and we’ve only played one test match with Wallaroos & Oceania but yet they don’t have the rest of money to  pay us what they promised ( $3,800).”

She said the team and management have sacrificed a lot to be away from their family and friends to carry the national banner on the world stage of rugby.

“Our team faced challenges, for example, during Oceania our management/male coaches were not with us as they were floating around like nomads waiting to be booked to their next accommodation each day.”

“The Fiji Rugby Union failed to make the necessary arrangements to accommodate our management despite sending them on a national duty.”

“All in All – PAY US THE REST OF THE MONEY PROMISED TO US & you can deal with the rest after. Start fresh and hold yourselves accountable to what you promised and let us do the rest.”

“Opportunities is growing fast for women all over the world but its issues like this that end careers because players welfare aren’t being taken care of.”

“We put our bodies on the line every single day on & off season in order for us to deliver and we deserve just as much respect as the men.”

“For those asking why we couldn’t just quit & find a job – I am a healthcare worker and also a law & justice major student. Rugby is my passion and while I have the opportunity I do want to represent my country because I’m proud of my country just like everyone that’s played beside me, come before me & fighting for the generation that is yet to come because they deserve to be treated equally & fairly.”

“I know that many players before us have gone through the same issue and hadn’t been able to speak out because they’re scared to be booted out (men included). Praying that none of this affects selections for future tours, this is us standing our ground for the future of Women’s sport,” she added.

Reginald Chandar
Reginald Chandar
Head of News & Sports |


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