Friday, March 1, 2024
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Officers challenged to uphold integrity

The 4th cohort of Police officers who graduated from the Constable Qualifying Course have been challenged not to rest on their laurels and to use the qualification as a stepping stone and an opportunity to want more from policing.

Speaking to the 168 officers during the official closing, New Zealand Police Senior Advisor Mark Pakes said: “You are the Fiji Police, the public see you as the Fiji Police, they see you every day as a leader in the FPF.”

“Every measurable quantity that any police organisation has can only be achieved by the good people out there in the front line doing the work.”

“Every single thing we strive for comes down to how well equipped and enabled our people are out there who can achieve those results for us.”

S.A. Pakes said policing is a tough profession that requires a lot from those who choose to be part of the noble profession.

“It’s a tough job and requires immense dedication, immense commitment, we’re held to the highest regard in every value there is around professionalism, integrity, honesty, loyalty and we expect more of ourselves , but with that comes great reward.”

He also acknowledged the Academy facilitators for adopting a new approach to the CQC training, as the most important asset of any policing organization is its people.

“In any policing organisation, including ours in New Zealand and yours, our greatest asset is our people, our greatest resources are our people and therefore our greatest investment should be our people.”

Senior Advisor Pakes is the team leader for the NZ supported Duavata Fiji Police Partnership Program (FPPP).

Reginald Chandar
Reginald Chandar
Head of News & Sports |


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